The iPhone 16 rumour mill has begun despite the iPhone 15 series’ youth. 

The Apple Vision Pro age of spatial computing requires changes to future iPhones to make compatible content.

The iPhone 16 base model has seen several design prototypes. Despite typically buying Pro models, the base iPhone 16 models’ look excites me for what’s to come.


The ‌iPhone 16 ‌ and ‌iPhone 16 Plus‌ are expected to retain their predecessors’ design and proportions. The vertical rear camera arrangement to facilitate spatial video capture will be the most noticeable change, but the removal of the mute switch in favour of the Action button on last year’s Pro models and the introduction of a new “Capture” button will also be significant.

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iPhone 15 

Diagonally arranged rear camera array

Ring/silent switch 

iPhone 15:171g weight

iPhone 15 plus:201g weight 

iPhone 16

Vertically arranged rear camera array to support spatial video capture

Action button 

“Capture Button” to trigger photography and videography features

iPhone 16: 173g weight


iPhone 16 Plus: 203g weight


Chip, memory, and link

A new A18 chip with a stronger Neural Engine is expected to enhance processing capacity for the iPhone 16 models, enabling exceptional generative AI capabilities. We expect 33% more memory and Wi-Fi 6E.

iPhone 15

A16 Bionic chip (TSMC’s “N4P” enhanced 5nm


16-core Neural


iPhone 16

A18 chip (TSMC’s “NE” enhanced 3nm process)

6GB memory

Wi-Fi 6 connectivity

iPhone 16

A18 chip (TSMC’s “NE” enhanced 3nm process)

Neural Engine with

“significantly” more cores to support new AI features

8GB memory (+ 33%)

Wi-Fi 6E connectivity

Chargers and Batteries

Denser batteries and faster charging may be added to iPhone 16 variants. The iPhone 16 Plus may have a smaller battery than its predecessor, but its battery life is unknown.

iPhone 15

Single-layer battery technology 

3,349 mAh battery

iPhone 15 Plus: 4,383 mAh battery

Up to 27W wired charging to 27W wired charging

15W charging via MagSafe

iPhone 16

Stacked battery technology for increased energy density and prolonged lifespan

3,561 mAh battery (+6%)

iPhone 16 Plus: 4,006 mAh battery (-9%)

Up to 40W wired charging (48% faster)

20W charging via ‌MagSafe‌ (25% faster)

Changes and Features

The iPhone 16 models may get camera improvements, including spatial video recording for Apple Vision Pro. Apple’s iPhone 16 models are expected to come with distinct AI-based features powered by a robust Neural Engine in the A18 chip and an enhanced microphone.

iPhone 15

Upcoming support for new Al features in iOS 18


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iPhone 16

More efficient OLED display with brighter micro-lens technology

Spatial video capture

Upcoming support for new AI features in ‌iOS 18‌, plus a suite of device-exclusive AI features

Upgraded microphone with improved signal-to-noise ratio and water resistance, designed to support new AI features.

Date Released

In September, the iPhone 16 and 16 Plus are slated to launch. Every September, Apple has an event to introduce new iPhone models, with a launch a week later.