Kimpact Development Initiative (KDI) has launched ‘Naija Elections’ App to provide up-to-date electoral information during the Nigerian electoral process. ‘Naija Elections’ is a generative AI tool developed by KDI with assistance from the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO).

According to Minister of Youth Development Jamila Ibrahim, artificial intelligence is essential to young people’s electoral development. Ms Ibrahim made her remarks on Thursday in Abuja during the launch of the app. 

She claims that the electoral AI tool ushers in a new era in which all Nigerians will be able to participate in our political process meaningfully.

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“By providing our adolescents with simple access to reliable, up-to-date election information, this platform will empower them to make informed decisions and actively engage in electoral processes.

“I want to emphasise the government’s commitment to implementing technology that will improve our democratic processes as we launch this platform today,” Ms Ibrahim stated.

 ‘Naija Elections’ App to deepen democracy in Nigeria 

Speaking at the launch as well, KDI executive director Bukola Idowu stated that young people would find it easier to access the Nigerian electoral environment with the use of this technology.

“The Constitution and INEC are the official sources of information regarding the Niaja elections,” Mr. Idowu stated. We have provided you with reliable information, and you can use the platform without logging in. It only allows you to log in; personal information is not stored.

“A well-informed electorate is pivotal for a country that is as large and diverse as Nigeria,” stated Cynthia Rowe, director of development at FCDO.

She contends that voters who possess knowledge are better able to participate meaningfully in the democratic process and make informed political decisions.

She claims that technology is closing the digital divide in security, education, and business, ensuring far more efficiency.

“As we celebrate this launch, it’s important that we look at the broader context,” Ms. Rowe continued. “Disinformation and misinformation, which encourage scepticism, are exceptional challenges that democracy around the world faces.”

Furthermore, it’s critical that we recognise the impact of our joint efforts to disseminate accurate information through these kinds of venues. Additionally, we are advancing democratic ideals globally and bolstering Nigerian democracy.

The app, which can be downloaded by visiting, was created by Nigerians and is designed to provide any electoral information pertaining to Nigeria.

About Kimpact Development Initiative (KDI) and ‘Naija Elections’ App

A non-profit, non-partisan, non-governmental organisation with a youth focus, Kimpact Development Initiative (KDI) encourages citizen-led democratic development based on the ideas of engagement, data-driven advocacy, robust democratic institutions, and public policies. 

Naija Elections offers assurance and clarity at every turn. It offers particular information from electoral laws, norms, and procedures, in contrast to other AI applications that make use of generic internet knowledge. Using the Nigerian Constitution of 1999 as amended to the Electoral Act of 2022 it makes sure you are knowledgeable about pertinent and accurate information.

Naija Elections is your all-in-one source for smoothly and confidently traversing Nigeria’s election terrain. Regardless of your level of experience or interest in politics, the app provides you with the information and resources you need to make wise choices and actively engage in the democratic process.

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Naija Elections is an all-inclusive Election AI assistant; it is easily accessible. Its disability-friendly design makes it possible for all Nigerians to obtain vital election information, irrespective of their level of linguistic ability or visual impairment. With text-to-speech and dark mode capabilities, its intuitive interface meets a range of user needs and encourages inclusion and self-determination.

By offering precise and user-friendly election information, Naija Elections democratises access to electoral knowledge and encourages civic engagement and decision-making in Nigerian democracy. It uses cutting-edge AI technology to make difficult legal frameworks and election procedures understandable to everyone.

Regardless of background or educational level, Naija Elections is your sophisticated AI companion, demystifying intricate legal frameworks and election procedures so everyone can use and comprehend them.