Chenosis, an African Accelerator Platform, has teamed up with Botlhale AI Solutions on a project that enables people of all languages to use AI.

 These two groups will work together to let companies talk to their customers on the Accelerator platform in their language.

Thapelo Nthite, co-founder and CEO of Botlhale, says, “We give our clients conversational AI that helps them cut down on support costs, reach more customers, convert more of them, and keep more of them.”,

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Africa-wide accelerator Chenosis

MTN Group member Chenosis is a Pan-African Accelerator platform that creates more efficient and economical code. It began in 2020 and lets developers and businesses find and subscribe to the continent’s most significant open API library.

From a single marketplace, Chenosis lets developers access API products and services throughout the continent, including telecoms, e-health, e-government, IoT, fintech, e-commerce, identity and authentication, payments and collections, location, and more.

“It helps Businesses and individuals find what they need to re-imagine their path to progress,” explains Chenosis head of product Waseem Amra.

Chenosis Marketplace allows businesses and developers to publish APIs for other developers to discover and use. The marketplace lets publishers sell subscription plans and product packages to developers and enterprises to monetize and promote their APIs. Chenosis Marketplace dashboards let publishers and consumers track revenue, credit balances, consumption data, API performance, and more.

Natural spoken language is preferred for human-computer connection because computers are part of our daily lives. Bothahle makes Natural Language Processing tools to help service providers and developers use human language technology in African languages.

“We now offer this service to enterprises across the continent through a Chenosis subscription. It should help people interact with their service providers. Nthite says they can assist businesses in communicating with customers in their language in writing and through speech.

“We encourage enterprises to explore how our APIs can solve diverse value chain issues. We can help businesses reduce mobile identity fraud and explain how in their clients’ vernacular with an eco-system of APIs, says Amra.

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About Chenosis

Chenosis is where you can find what you need and think about new ways to move forward. 

This is where the Accelerator Platform is:

An API community helps businesses run their operations well. 

Partners can reach more people with their published ideas

It has ready-to-use code that even non-techies can understand.

In this exchange between many people, chemonosis is the link that holds everything together.