The Mission Network of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in South Africa, in collaboration with the Craft and Design Institute (CDI), has launched the #cocreate Circular Design Challenge 2024.

We are inviting all ambitious individuals to Cape Town. The CoCreate Circular Design Challenge is now open for entries.

This fascinating programme welcomes entrepreneurs, corporations, non-profit organisations, and students from all backgrounds to submit revolutionary ideas that can change their lives and work.

The purpose is to address current circular design challenges and create a sustainable future that will protect our world for future generations.

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Transforming your Ideas into Reality

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an upcoming entrepreneur, this Challenge provides a unique opportunity to display your ideas, cooperate with like-minded individuals, and make your vision a reality.

So, if you have a revolutionary concept that can positively affect the environment, they want to hear from you. Join the CoCreate Circular Design Challenge today to participate in a movement defining a brighter future for Cape Town and beyond.

A total of 80 exceptional innovators from Cape Town will be chosen to participate in the coveted CoCreate Circular Design Challenge programme, which begins in July.

This select group will embark on a transformational journey, improving their talents and refining their ideas with the help of industry professionals.

As the programme unfolds, a panel of judges will carefully analyse the participants’ progress before selecting the top eight finalists in August.

These remarkable innovators will then be able to propose their game-changing ideas to an experienced panel of judges for one of four seed funding grants for ZAR15,000 (about US$800).

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About CoCreate

CoCreate is a communication design firm enabling forward-thinking businesses to communicate effectively with their clients both online & offline by leveraging the beauty of Design and the power of Technology.

They aim to build a website that will ultimately build your business; from online stores to corporate websites, they build àthem all. CoCreate with companies to define their brands; they craft your brand personality, voice, visual language, logo, and guidelines.

As the times change, so does how we purchase in the modern era. They will assist you in constructing an online storefront for your company.

In addition, they provide full-time community management, artwork that creates scrolling stops, granular targeted marketing, and digital content tailored to your specific needs to assist you in navigating the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing.

Before others do, our team proactively assists you in securing your online real estate and ensuring that it is hosted on dependable servers, giving you a head start in the digital market.