A new digital media campaign called “Let’s Go to Kenya” has been launched by the Kenyan government to market the country as a top spot for investment, technology, innovation, and tourism.

A joint effort between the ICT Authority, Konza Technopolis, and the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology and Digital Economy (MoICDE), the campaign was unveiled today.

At the launch event in Nairobi, Eng. John Kipchumba Tanui, Permanent Secretary of the State Department of Information Communications Technology (ICT) and Digital Economy stated that the campaign will showcase Kenya’s breathtaking natural beauty, its rapidly growing tech industry, the country’s welcoming investment climate, and the opportunities for tech entrepreneurs and investors.

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In an effort to promote Kenya as a top tourist and investment destination, the government is launching a campaign, according to Eng. Tanui, via the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology and the Digital Economy. In order to accomplish this, the ministry has launched a digital campaign with the hashtag #LetsGoToKenya. They plan to work with partners to harness the capabilities of digital media platforms.

The strategy, according to the permanent secretary, will take a holistic view, capitalising on the energy of our young, tech-savvy population—which makes up more than 70% of the population—and unleashing its full potential.

Speaking at the launch, Konza Technopolis CEO John Paul Okwiri emphasised the importance of the “Let’s Go to Kenya” campaign in promoting Kenya as a centre for innovation and technology. He urged businesses, investors, and professionals to explore the opportunities in the country’s thriving tech ecosystem.

According to Mr Okwiri, this is an effort to boost tourism in Kenya, particularly among tech nomads, a growing demographic. With the help of its Media City and Data Centre, Konza Technopolis will join forces with the parent Ministry to promote Kenya as an African leader in information and communication technology (ICT), with the goal of luring investors, both domestic and foreign.

Later this year, Kenya will host the IASP 2024 World Conference on Science Park, and Mr Okwiri emphasised that the campaign is crucial to the success of the event.

In addition to Konza Technopolis, the government will have strong partnerships with Kenya Airways and international technology companies Meta, LinkedIn, and Google.as Turkana County-based Startup Lion.

Lonely Planet, a travel agency based in the United States, recently ranked Nairobi as the best city to visit in 2024. This ranking put Nairobi ahead of other famous cities such as London, Paris, Dubai, and many more. The launch of the digital campaign follows this recognition.

Engineer Tanui stated that the world’s selection of Nairobi as the top city to visit in 2024 demonstrates the government’s steadfast dedication to promoting the country abroad. This achievement will serve as a foundation for the “Let’s Go to Kenya” campaign. 

Importance of digital media

With the advent of the internet, digital media has changed the game in many areas, including business, education, entertainment, and communication. The capacity to instantly disseminate information to a worldwide audience makes it significant because it does not care about physical locations. The accessibility of digital platforms is crucial, as they reach people from all walks of life and all corners of the globe.

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The ability to interact with the content by means of likes, shares, and comments is also essential, as it encourages engagement and community involvement. The affordability of digital marketing allows companies of all sizes to participate, while personalisation improves the user experience through the delivery of tailored content.

Businesses can optimise their strategies with the help of data analytics, while audiences are kept informed of breaking news and events through real-time updates. Due to the proliferation of online resources, such as courses and tutorials, there is no shortage of educational opportunities.

Digital media facilitates cross-cultural understanding and communication by bringing people from all walks of life closer together. Its ever-changing nature encourages originality and pushes the limits of what is conceivable in the digital realm.

Digital media has already had a profound impact on our ability to learn, communicate, and engage with the world, and this influence is only going to increase.