Kenyan cybersecurity company Kristel has broadened its reach into Ethiopia, Rwanda, and Uganda as a reaction to the growing number of companies in in need of its services in the region.

Kristel as a firm helps organisations to invest in their various cyber hygiene, giving strength to their defences and protecting themselves against cyber threats of any kind by providing qualitative and quantitative cybersecurity solutions, professional guidance, and proactive measures to prevent data breaches, attacks involving ransomware and other online risks.

Kristel’s services go beyond just “cyber hygiene” and “defences” and include a range of specific solutions and measures to help organisations stay safe in the digital landscape.

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In the exclusive event held at the esteemed Royal Tulip Canaan Hotel, Kristel officially introduced its refreshed brand identity and new visual design, marking an important turning point in the company’s growth and evolution. The event also brought the exciting news of Kristel’s expansion into East Africa and its enhanced cybersecurity services to the public for the first time.

Kristel transformation: Enhancing Cybersecurity in West Africa.

Kristel is the first and only locally founded cybersecurity distributor in Kenya, declared Ben Obinju, CEO of Kristel. He also said Bitdefender was the only product they offered when they first launched. Since then, they have expanded to provide more than ten cybersecurity products and collaborate with more than 140 local partners.

Since ransomware and malware first appeared, significant problems with cybercrime have begun to surface. Their transformation highlights their dedication to enhancing defences, assisting businesses in improving their cyber hygiene, and adjusting to the ever-evolving nature of cyber attacks.

Pablo Ruano, Bitdefender’s Regional Sales Director, emphasised the dynamic nature of the cybersecurity market, stating, “New attack vectors emerge daily. Kristel’s rebranding reflects their commitment to providing adaptable security solutions.

Their rebrand is a powerful representation of their unwavering commitment. They continue to push the boundaries of cybersecurity solutions while delivering unparalleled reliability to their esteemed clients.

Tom Gitogo praises Kristel’s Transformation: A Remarkable Example for East African Businesses”

Tom Gitogo, CEO of Britam, a leading financial services group with a strong presence in East Africa, has praised Kristel’s impressive growth and transformation, saying: “The unveiling of Kristel’s new look is a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to excellence as a pioneering value-added cybersecurity distributor.

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It is truly heartening to witness a Kenyan-owned business like Kristel thrive locally and exert a significant impact on the cybersecurity landscape in the East African region, where cyber threats are increasingly becoming a major concern for businesses and individuals alike.

Kristel’s success story serves as an inspiration to other local entrepreneurs and businesses, demonstrating the potential for innovative and dedicated companies to make a meaningful difference in the industry.

By providing cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions and expert services, Kristel is playing a vital role in safeguarding the digital landscape in East Africa, and its growth is a testament to the company’s dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Tom Gitogo praises Kristel’s development and impact while also emphasising the significance of Kristel’s role in the cybersecurity landscape in East Africa, as well as the inspiration it provides to other local businesses and entrepreneurs.