PalmPay, a leading fintech platform in Nigeria, is marking its 4th birthday by starting a campaign to give away ₦300 million. Nigerians who use the payment site can win big cash prizes through the initiative.

The event started on November 1, 2023, and will end on November 21, 2023. It has three fun stages, each meant to reward users differently.

PalmPay users can win prizes in the first part of the campaign by starting the app daily and going on a diamond hunt. Users can earn cash prizes, coupons, and more diamonds by clicking on falling diamonds in the app. These stars give you an extra chance to win the weekly cash prize, which makes the campaign even more exciting.

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Users can get chances to win in the second step by doing tasks inside the app that give things away. These jobs involve buying airtime and data, transferring money, and more. Users get more diamonds and chances when they finish these jobs, which increases their share of the weekly prize pool. People who use the app can also win an extra cash prize of up to ₦50,000.

The activity page of the app has a list of the giveaway jobs that can be done. The more chances users get, the more cash and diamonds they can win.

In the third part, users can use the diamonds earned to enter the weekly cash prizes. The bigger the cash prizes they can win, the more diamonds they get. Over the three weeks, the prize pool goes up: ₦70 million is up for grabs in the first week, ₦100 million in the second, and ₦130 million in the third.

PalmPay Nigeria Managing Director Chika Nwosu commented on this beautiful advancement. He said, “This campaign is part of our commitment to providing value to our esteemed users. At our 4th anniversary, we announced 30 million users, 1.1 million enterprises, 600,000 merchants, and 500,000 agents.

“We are proud that PalmPay’s simple and reliable payment app has revolutionized digital payments. We should thank our users for helping us achieve these fantastic things.”

In this 21-day promotion, PalmPay users can download the app to enroll, Mr Nwosu stressed.

PalmPay receives $677 million for 853,000 customers

Palmpay grew significantly over 4 years

Palmpay’s platform has become one of Nigeria’s most popular financial solutions since its 2019 launch. The company marked its fourth anniversary with several impressive accomplishments demonstrating its dedication to financial inclusion in Nigeria.

With 30 million smartphone users, the company increased. The milestone doubled its user population since last year’s 10 million announcement.

Its vast network of 1.1 million businesses, comprising 600,000 merchants and 500,000 agents adopting PalmPay’s POS (point of sale) and Pay With Transfer services, is essential to that growth. These dedicated agents helped PalmPay expand across Nigeria, giving millions more people with critical financial services.

The Nigerian government may allow Palmpay, Opay, and others to participate in its official Forex market, according to recent reports.

Sofia Zab, PalmPay’s Chief Marketing Officer, responded that the firm is analysing and aiming to tackle Nigeria’s forex concerns in the following months with their super app.