The world of artificial intelligence (AI) is changing every day, and it’s becoming increasingly essential to ensure that AI models are safe, fair, and reliable. In this ever-changing field, businesses like Sama are significant. 

Sama, a leader in data labelling and model validation, just started the Sama Red Team, a new project to make generative AI and large language models (LLMs) safer and better at what they do.

Sama Red Team uses the skills of machine learning (ML) engineers, applied scientists, and human-AI interaction designers to check if a model is fair and safe. It ensures that it follows the law and safely points out and fixes problems in text, image, voice, and other search modes.

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“Sama Red Team tests for exploits before a model’s vulnerability is public and gives developers actionable insights to patch those holes,” said Duncan Curtis, SVP of AI product and technology at Sama. Generational AI models may seem trustworthy, but there are ways to bypass public safety, privacy, and legal safeguards. 

“Although ensuring that a model is as secure as possible is important to performance, our teams’ testing is also crucial for developing more responsible AI models.”

Sama Red Team’s AI Model Performance and Security Testing Priorities 

Fairness: Sama’s teams replicate real-world scenarios to fix AI model biases. This requires ensuring that a model’s outputs are not offensive or discriminatory and that they are ethical.

Privacy: The privacy tests prevent the model from revealing PII, passwords, or confidential data. This is essential for user data security.

Public Safety: The Red Team simulates real-world dangers, such as cyberattacks and other security breaches, to guarantee that the model can manage them safely.

Compliance: Compliance testing assures that models follow legal norms, especially in sensitive areas like copyright and data protection.

Sama Red Team uses SamaHub for project tracking and collaboration. Human feedback loops analyse vulnerability, fine-tune, and evaluate models. They employ SamaAssure and SamaIQ to find model defects and improve performance.

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About Sama

Sama leads the world in computer vision data annotation solutions for AI and machine learning. We reduce model failure risk and total cost of ownership with our enterprise-ready ML platform, SamaIQ™, actionable data insights from proprietary algorithms, and over 5,000 data professionals on staff. 25% of Fortune 50 companies—GM, Ford, Microsoft, and Google—trust Sama to produce industry-leading ML models.

Sama, a recognised B-Corp, has helped over 65,000 people escape poverty through the digital economy. Its training and job programme has been proven to work by an MIT-led Randomised Controlled Trial.