Shesha is a South African startup that wants to change the established e-hailing landscape, dominated mainly by international giants like Uber and Bolt, by offering a local alternative that considers local conditions. 

Shesha was created because “it became apparent that“—not only from a customer perspective, where safety and understanding of local needs weren’t always high on the agenda of its competitors—but also that drivers felt exploited and under-appreciated by what they saw as foreign companies that weren’t paying attention to their working conditions.

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Safety Strategies Shared by a Corporation Spokesman

Nomsa Mdhluli, a spokesperson for Shesha, told a media firm that safety was the company’s top priority. 

“Shesha verifies everyone’s identities on a Shesha trip, from the customer to the driver, ensuring that they are indeed who they say they are. A second opportunity existed when we realised that drivers, as a pivotal cog in the wheel, felt unwelcome.

The startup is funded by numerous stakeholders, including the Gauteng Taxi Industry Trust, Santaco Gauteng, and the Gauteng National Taxi Alliance, which Mdhluli said gives it an “intimate understanding of local conditions”.

“It has allowed us to broker a historic understanding of peaceful cooperation between the taxi and e-hailing Industries, bringing to an end years of low-level conflict over routes and passengers,” she said.

The company is onboarding over 13,000 drivers and claims its customer uptake has been “phenomenal”.

We are now testing in Gauteng but hope to expand to other regions. Mdhluli said creating an innovative startup is difficult, especially in a “David vs. Goliath” setting where giants rule.

However, our market differentiation gives us an edge, and one of our competitors has de-platformed over 6,000 hazardous drivers due to our presence. We would never have allowed these drivers on our platform!” At competitive prices, Shesha makes money through traditional e-hailing.

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About Shesha

Shesha is a South African startup known for its innovative approach to mobile commerce. It focuses on providing an efficient platform for on-demand delivery services to revolutionise how products reach consumers.

Established in 2015, Shesha leverages technology to streamline logistics, offering a fast and reliable delivery experience. The company has made significant strides in the South African market, contributing to the growth of the local tech ecosystem and providing new opportunities for businesses and consumers alike.

Its user-friendly platform and commitment to excellence have positioned Shesha as a critical player in the industry.