Egypt is now part of the Mastercard Foundation EdTech Fellowship, previously offered in South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria. Promising African ed-tech startups are supported by the Mastercard Foundation EdTech Fellowship, an entrepreneurial acceleration programme introduced in 2019.

It offers vital financial, educational, and business support to help ed-tech enterprises grow, become sustainable, and make a more significant impact.

The Mastercard Foundation EdTech Fellowship has a track record of accomplishment, funding several businesses in Kenya, South Africa, and Nigeria.

Building on this momentum, the programme has now been launched in Egypt thanks to a strategic agreement with Nahdet Misr Group’s investment arm, EdVentures, a well-known MENA-based ed-tech venture capital business.

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This expansion represents a critical turning point in line with the fellowship’s objective to support EdTech entrepreneurs and innovators throughout Africa and promote inclusive, high-quality education for all.

Fostering Innovation in Egypt’s Ed-tech Sector Through Strategic Partnership

Twelve startups have been chosen for the initial eight-month programme, comprising specialised training, mentorship, workshops, networking, and course access. Each startup will receive US$60,000 in equity-free funding.

Over the next three years, the fellowship will support 36 ed-tech startups, driving positive change in the education sector.

The founder and CEO of EdVentures, Dalia Ibrahim, declared they are honoured to partner with Mastercard Foundation, a testament to their impact in Egypt’s ed-tech sector. This partnership is pivotal for the ed-tech industry, aligning with their mission to foster innovation and empower young entrepreneurs.

Also, in partnership, they will continue to shape a robust ed-tech ecosystem in Egypt, redefining learning experiences. They eagerly anticipate the forthcoming cycles, each contributing to their shared vision of a brighter future for education.

EdTech Startups: The Leading Cohort Transforming Education

The first cohort of the Mastercard Foundation EdTech Fellowship consists of the interactive STEM e-learning platform Armstrong, 5 Quarters, and a dental student learning application. Arabic podcast for self-improvement and business skills called Business بالعربي; Career 180, career advancement, and youth employment alternatives;

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Fednee is a platform for networking, professional development, mentorship, and collaboration; Deaf Gain provides consulting services for people who are hard of hearing and deaf people.

The cohort is completed by iSchool, which teaches AI and coding for kids ages 6-17; Mharet Tefl: a speech therapy programme for children; Nafham by Tayro, an online learning application;

OTO Courses, an online one-on-one English course, and other courses; Science Street, which promotes science literacy; and Bayt Alkhyata, which fosters social development for women and their communities.