Nigeria, West Africa, now has better travel technology thanks to Tripcel’s introduction of an electronic travel SIM card. Tripcel’s E-Sim is a first-of-its-kind solution in Nigeria.

With the help of tourism expert Aminat Akanbi, Tripcel is changing how Nigerian tourists stay connected while travelling around the world. Maintaining contact is essential in today’s digital world, and Tripcel’s website offers innovative ways to help travellers worldwide who are having trouble connecting.

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Aminat’s e-sim lets travellers in over 200 countries stay connected without having to buy new SIM cards, connect to Wi-Fi, or pay roaming fees, making it famous worldwide.

Travel E-Sim: Remedy to enable travellers to access the Internet

Introducing a straightforward remedy via a QR code, she swiftly enables travellers’ internet access upon their arrival in any nation. Recently featured as a standout startup at the prestigious Web Summit in Qatar, Akanbi highlighted Tripcel’s cutting-edge e-SIM technology alongside leading tech pioneers, underscoring the company’s dedication to improving the travel journey for Nigerian explorers and advocating for sustainable travel practices.

Akanbi’s slogan, “A single QR code links you to the global internet,” earns her a place among Africa’s Top 40 Travel Women for her achievements extending past the Web Summit. Her dedication to revolutionising the travel industry and facilitating connections for African tourists worldwide is commended through this prestigious recognition.

Akanbi, armed with more than ten years of expertise and a degree in Political Science from Lagos State University, remains dedicated to pioneering advancements in the travel technology industry. Her ambitious vision for Tripcel extends beyond national boundaries, offering Nigerian adventurers unparalleled connectivity options for seamless global exploration.

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About Tripcel.

Tripcel lets you connect to the Internet in over 200 countries in under 2 minutes on your eSIM-enabled smartphone, tablet, or PC. WIFI, SIM changing, and roaming are unnecessary. With one QR code, we make internet access in new places easier.

This avoids the inconvenience of swapping or buying new eSIMs for each trip on traditional or other systems. Users can swap destinations via the Tripcel user dashboard without changing their eSIM after activating it with the QR code. Topping up a new destination through the dashboard without physical SIM cards or numerous eSIM profiles for different areas simplifies the process for regular travellers, ensuring access across several countries with one eSIM. The e-Sim makes you stay connected anytime and anywhere.