AUATON, made up of drivers, has asked the Lagos State Government to accept its joint agreement that calls for ride-hailing businesses to be regulated in the State. 

In an interview, Kolawole Aina, the South-West zonal head of AUATON, said this. He said that the agreement is meant to enforce rules and look out for the well-being of its members.

Drivers’ plea for involvement shows that Uber, Bolt, and InDrive, among others, have not treated them well. According to Aina, the state paper addresses low prices, hefty commissions, and app-based corporations activating and deactivating drivers at will.

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Uber and Bolt Drivers vs Lagos State Government

In 2023, the union was formed after agitations among drivers, with app-based companies alleging maltreatment. The executive stated that the union identified problems, developed solutions, and presented them to the government.

The Lagos State administration ignored us, but the federal transport and labour ministries did. “The collective agreement sets out how the government, app-based companies, drivers, and riders can share industry responsibilities.

“It will be a system where all the four communities can monitor each ride, and each community can mutually benefit.” 

Government Propositions: Insurance and Security Demands

In their demands to the government, the drivers also want their members to be protected and have to carry insurance. 

“Insurance and safety issues have grown very important.” “I seriously can’t recall how many drivers have died on the job this year or lost property to their passengers or customers,” Aina said.

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He expressed his regret for the deputy president of the association’s passing this year due to exhaustion while in his vehicle. 

Additionally, he observed that “criminally inclined customers occasionally order rides, and during the ride, they kill the driver, steal the car, and sell it.” 

“This is the point at which insurance becomes necessary,” Aina stated that all journeys will be insured, including the driver, passengers, vehicle property, and the vehicle itself. 

He criticised the use of algorithmic management in app-based companies, asserting that machines are making decisions that humans should make.