New Unlimited 5G Data Plans for Home Broadband have been made available to Airtel Kenya users. Kenyans’ ability to connect in the digital era will be transformed by these innovative plans tailored to fit consumers’ different demands in both their homes and companies. The plans will be seamless and offer an effortless experience.

The plans are categorised into three tiers, each designed to cater to different customers’ needs and preferences.

The first tier offers speeds of 10 Mbps at a monthly cost of Kes 3,500, ideal for light internet users who want to stay connected and access essential online services.

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The second tier provides faster speeds of 20 Mbps at Kes 5,000 monthly, suitable for moderate internet users who stream music and videos, play online, and work from home.

The third tier offers the fastest speed of 30Mpbs at Kes 6,500 monthly, perfect for heavy internet users who require high-speed connectivity for demanding online activities like 4K streaming and online gaming.

To access these plans, customers must purchase an Airtel 5G router at all Airtel shops for a one-time cost of Kes 2,999. This router lets users enjoy unlimited 5G data and effortless home connectivity.

Airtel 5G Router: Transforming Constant Connectivity with Power Backup

The Airtel 5G router comes with an innovative power backup that is a first for the market. This feature ensures constant connectivity even during power outages for up to five hours and adds value to the limitless 5G Plans beyond limitless data usage.

Users can now purchase the 5G routers at any Airtel shop nationwide. They can also order one through the Airtel Kenya website or dial *400# for home delivery of the 5G router. One can purchase or renew their unlimited data plans by dialling *400# or through the MyAirtel App. For support, Airtel customers will call 400, and non-Airtel customers can contact the support team at 0733100400.

According to the Airtel Kenya Managing Director, Ashish Malhotra, they are inspired by the market’s reaction to their products and remain resolute in their commitment to promoting digital inclusivity. Mr Malhotra continued that they are convinced their continuous network growth will allow them to expand connectivity to more communities nationwide, guaranteeing that no one is left behind in the digital revolution.

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Airtel Expand 5G Coverage Across Kenya

Initially, Airtel’s 5G network covered 180 wards nationally, consisting of 372 sites spread over 16 counties and mid-year. Now, with over 690 stations across 39 counties and 285 wards, it has nearly doubled the size of its 5G footprint in the nation.

Ashish Malhotra said they are pleased to introduce Airtel Kenya’s Unlimited Plans, which signify their commitment to providing unmatched connectivity solutions and embody their vision for individuals and businesses empowered by seamless connectivity

Presently, Airtel’s network covers 89% of the Kenyan population. Airtel says it is committed to expanding its network infrastructure, with plans to achieve 94% coverage by the end of 2024, ensuring that more people can enjoy the benefits of effective and efficient connectivity across Kenya.