To prepare for the need for skilled employees in the future, the University of Nairobi  (UoN)will open a school for artificial intelligence. 

Prof. Patrick Verkooijen, the chancellor of the University of Newcastle, told reports that the university will soon start giving the first-ever master’s degree in artificial intelligence.

“We will do that because it has this economic growth trajectory. And we have the assets for it. We have the best computer science and business entrepreneurship students, and then, combined with this innovation part, we have something to build on for the future,” Verkooijen said.

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Besides that, he said that AI will play a significant role in the future, so people need to learn skills for future jobs.

According to Verkooijen, the university will establish a Green Jobs Centre to teach climate change. Many future careers will focus on climate change and the environment, so students must be prepared.

The Future of AI Education: Master’s Degrees in Kenya

Beginning with the next school year, the top Master’s programme in Artificial Intelligence will begin. There are many ways to learn about AI in this programme. Aside from required classes on advanced machine learning algorithms, neural networks, AI ethics, and AI in business, students can choose from other classes that let them focus on specific areas that interest them.

The programme emphasises hands-on experience through projects, internships, and industry partnerships. This hands-on approach ensures graduates can handle complicated issues and understand AI theory. 

Students will also work on real-world AI problems as part of their final project, giving them much experience before they start working as AI professionals.

What makes the AI Master’s Degree Program at UoN unique?

The AI Master’s degree programme at UoN is projected to transform the country’s economy and technology. The institution aspires to build Kenya’s AI ecosystem by training qualified AI specialists. 

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This may create new jobs, generate novel goods and services, and improve public services via AI-driven solutions.

Also, the School of Artificial Intelligence will boost UoN’s standing as a top African university. Welcoming students, researchers, and teachers throughout the continent and beyond will create a dynamic academic community committed to AI research and applications.

By creating a School of Artificial Intelligence at the University of Nairobi and giving Kenya’s first AI Master’s degree, the university is making a big step forward in the country’s education and technology.