Currently, no user can view who liked the post; the only person exempt from this limitation is the person who initially created the statement.

Through the implementation of this adjustment, the likes of users are concealed from anyone other than the individual who initially sent the notification.

When this is done, it is done to protect the users’ privacy. As a consequence of Elon Musk’s acquisition of the company in 2022, the business made several policy adjustments, finally leading to the implementation of this upgrade.

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The highlights of the new private feature

Users can easily access their liked posts When they utilise the private-like function. However, they do not have the privilege to read other users’ postings. The notifications allow users to access valuable insights about their posts, including the number of likes and other relevant data.

Additionally, it enables the author to identify the individuals who have shown appreciation for their posts. This information can be found in the notifications section for users to view.

No one will be able to determine who liked another user’s post. This adjustment aims to reduce users’ societal expectations and protect their public image from potential reactions. 

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Change’s effects and our responses to them

Likes received in private have been met with both positive and negative responses. Even though some users enjoy privacy, others are concerned about being exploited or abused. According to critics, users will be able to inflict harm or cause offence without facing any consequences.

However, proponents believe that the feature will contribute to developing an online environment that is more open and genuine. The modification is a component of X’s platform overhaul, which is done to fulfil users’ expectations.

Likes are now off-limits to all users on X, which is a significant development in terms of privacy. With this version, an effort is made to make viewing content safer and more private, protecting users from being judged or punished. Customers may first be frightened by this new function, but it will likely alter how they utilise the platform.