The process of creating an artificial intelligence (AI) framework is now in progress, according to Felix Mutati, Zambia’s Minister of Science and Technology.

The Zambian government has started a significant programme to use artificial intelligence (AI) to advance national development.

The government and the esteemed Tony Blair Institute ( a renowned global advisory institute) are working together to develop a national AI strategy to develop a complete framework for AI adoption.

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The institute can assist Zambia in handling the challenges of adopting AI because of its broad experience, offering strategic advice to governments and executives worldwide.

This strategic partnership aims to leverage AI’s transformative potential to drive economic growth, improve public services, and enhance the overall quality of life for the Zambian people.

By developing a tailored AI strategy, Zambia is poised to join the ranks of forward-thinking nations harnessing AI to shape their futures.

He also said the country is working with the European Union (EU) to develop a Startup Bill.

Zambia Drafts AI Legal Framework

The Minister emphasised that the government is actively updating the Cyber Security and Cyber Crimes Act, which is essential in enabling AI implementation.

The Minister made the statement at the Future of AI in Africa Conference launch in Lusaka, and he did so via an X post.

In May 2024, at the Copperbelt Agricultural Mining Industrial Networking Enterprise (CAMINEX) event in Kitwe, he stated that the government has completed drafting the AI strategy harnessing the benefits of the latest technologies.

At the time, Mutati announced that the AI strategy would be launched in the following months — July 2024.

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Regulations for ICT professionals in Zambia

Furthermore, ICT practitioners in the nation will soon have new guidelines to regulate their activities. In early June, the Technology and Science Minister announced plans to issue a Statutory Instrument (SI) to oversee the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector.

He stated that this initiative aims to curb misconduct and irregularities among professionals, ensuring they comply with ethical standards and best practices.

Zambia isn’t the only African nation delving into AI and working on a framework for it. In April 2024, Nigeria enlisted 120 experts to develop a co-created framework to promote AI adoption in the country. The initial draft of the National AI Strategy also secured $3.5 million in seed funding from potential partners.

An AI Expert Advisory Council is also being planned for South Africa, which is considering regulating AI. This council will guide establishing and enforcing laws and policies about AI.